fastmax, go to IBM maximo faster

FastMAX is an innovative service developed by ENNOVIA designed for reducing the production time and therefore the costs of a CMMS project using the IBM maximo solution.

Get the best EAM solution : IBM maximo at the same price as others

Yes, you also, you – can benefit from the best CMMS for the market in energy and utilities (sources gartner)! No, it is not more expensive than others, thanks to fastMAX.

What is FastMAX?

FastMAX is a service comprising of tools and methodologies  for  accelerating  the  implementation  of  software  maintenance management software, such as, IBM maximo. FastMAX also integrates  the  definition,  implementation  and  delivery  of  the  necessary  IT infrastructure, whether it is local or hosted.

How does it work?

The ENNOVIA team allows the deployment  of  the  collaborative  QuickBrain  tool  which allows you to create locations, assets, items, maintenance  plans  and  service  instructions  and  then  transfers them at any time into IBM maximo using a dedicated connector. ENNOVIA consolidates and integrates the customer  data  and  optimizes  the  maintenance  plan and inventory.

What’s in it for me?

With FastMAX you have a turnkey IBM maximo project implementation  which  integrates  all  the  important  components,  such  as; information,  configuration,  training  and  the  relevant  IT  infrastructure.

The quality and consistency of the data is excellent and the transfer time to IBM maximo  is almost instantaneous.
The  optimization  of  the  maintenance  data,  based  on criticality analysis, on average leads to a reduction of a factor of 2 to 3 of the number of maintenance operations and the stock inventory.

FastMAX  implements  predefined  business  processes (maximo  templates)  from  the  experienced  ENNOVIA team, which limits the risk of making bad choices on the IT integration of the CMMS tool within your maintenance organization.

FastMAX  is  targeted  at  the  following  segments:  FastMAX  is  perfectly
suited to the implementation of an industrial CMMS tool such as; Nuclear Waste, Water Treatment, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemicals,
Manufacturing, Production of cement and aggregates…

How much does it cost?

As an indication, the system startup time is reduced by approximately 30% to 40%, this leads to a faster return on investment compared to a conventional implementation! The cost of the project is (in principle) absorbed by gains in the maintenance optimization and standardization of global processes.


Ennovia, founded in 2007, provides innovative value services for the maintenance and operation of any industrial installation energy, nuclear, oil&gas, waste management, …).

The experience of our consultants and experts allows our customers to save time, optimize their processes and structure maintenance and exploitation according to best available technologies intensive use.

Our business sectors

Ennovia particularly active in the fields of energy, environment, oil and gas and nuclear.Nevertheless we also have references in the hospital sector, aviation, cement, food and transportation.