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Before the creation of the company by the end of 2007, the founders are gone the following findings:

  • In many industries of process production is favoured at all costs at the expense of maintenance,
  • The design of these industrial units favours performance often at the expense of availability,
  • The maintenance, in the very broad sense of the term, is poorly regarded because identified only as a source of cost and a necessary pain.

Nevertheless the most efficient installation of the world will not be able to compete the least efficient units if its availability is low due to failures related to improper maintenance (insufficient or poorly targeted).

The age of performance at any cost is over !

On the other hand, more and more clients require safeguards of costs of production throughout the lifecycle of the facility and no longer simply a list of references.

In addition, the decline in selling prices and costs of production in Western countries impose a radical change in the concepts of production (the intelligent plant) in order to maintain a competitive industry.

Thus, ENNOVIA was created in 2007, located in Toulon (France), order to provision of industrial energy, oil & gas, the nucleaiire and the management of waste, all the methods and tools currently available to improve the availability of their industrial installations and reduce their operating costs.

To achieve this goal, our activities are organized in three expert lines :

In conclusion, cooperating with Ennovia will increase your resource efficiency.


Ennovia was created to bring innovation in the industrial sector in order to increase the competitiveness of our customers.

90% of our services are fixed

Our business sectors

Ennovia particularly active in the fields of energy, environment, oil and gas and nuclear. Nevertheless we also have references in the health & care, aviation, cement, food and transportation sectors.