Maintenance Engineering

ennovia, experts in maintenance engineering

Maintenance engineering is a real engineering process which, if it was considered at the same level as design engineering, would allow huge gains.

This activity is to use methodologies, derived from the concepts of integrated logistics support (ILS), in order to define the best maintenance policy to be implemented for a given cost / availability objective.

Unique methods and tools

ENNOVIA operates the Quickbrain software, developed by the company CRAZYLOG, in order to conduct these studies and to inject the results to enterprise management tools (EAM, ERP, CMMS,…). We have developed such a connector between Quickbrain and IBM maximo (QB4MX) that accelerates the implementation of the CMMS (FastMAX) while reducing the overall cost of the project.

The maintenance engineering services offered are for example define support elements (maintenance plan, spare parts, documentation,…) of a new unit to meet the contractual requirements of the client and the future operator. All this, obviously, by limiting the time of the study in order to achieve the optimal cost-benefit for all parties.

Another example would be how to optimize my maintenance plan, my spare parts, my documentation to increase the availability of my existing installation. How the implementation of conditional or predictive maintenance solutions can improve my availability and to what extent ?

It is this kind of issues that our teams are able to fix by proposing smart solutions and their implementation.

Mastered and fixed services

All these maintenance engineering services are carried out on a fixed cost basis and proactive mode, meaning that if it takes lack of data to move forward, we will propose to go and search them on the client site (surveys, inventories,…),  by calling suppliers or in our databases.

The services that we offer in maintenance engineering are the following :


  • Optimization of the plant availability,
  • optimization of stock,
  • risk analysis,
  • studies MAES (maintainability accessibility environment security),
  • ILS (integrated logistics support),
  • training.


  • Management of maintenance documentation (electronic document management),
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Spare parts list,
  • Detailed service instructions,


Ennovia, founded in 2007, provides innovative value services for the maintenance and operation of any industrial installation energy, nuclear, oil&gas, waste management, …).

The experience of our consultants and experts allows our customers to save time, optimize their processes and structure maintenance and exploitation according to best available technologies intensive use.


Ennovia was created to bring innovation in the industrial sector in order to increase the competitiveness of our customers.

90% of our services are fixed.