Step AT

Step AT, a win-win partnership Step AT brings the technologies required for the data collection for condition based and predictive maintenance Step Automation and Test (Step AT) offers a range of products of communication and control as well as services for industrial, embedded applications and control real time. As a foreground National Instruments partner, Step [...]

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IBM, a major partner We are proud to announce that Ennovia has started an innovative and exciting partnership with IBM's Maximo maintenance software solution and the PMQ (Predictive Maintenance and Quality) solution. IBM's support in these solution areas not only provides Ennovia with a competitive and tangible added value, but most important of all for [...]

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CRAZYLOG, A technology partner CrazyLog® develops and markets the innovative QuickBrain™ predictive and diagnostic support software solutions for Plant Life Cycle Management Our smart software solutions are designed specifically for the Waste Management, Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Energy sectors which allow our customers to improve diagnostic support and predictive analysis in order to shorten [...]

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ITAcads Ltd

ITAcads Ltd (Leeds), A long-term partnership For a couple of years, ENNOVIA has enjoyed a strong partnership with ITAcads Ltd (Leeds) ITAcads Ltd offers a range of services, all based at their core on computer applications and how businesses can utilise these services to assist and support our Clients, in relation to the development, design, [...]

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ENNOVIA est une start-up qui a grandi. Fondée en 2008, elle est née de deux constats : la capacité à optimiser la maintenance est la clef du succès dans le secteur industriel, et pour gagner en compétitivité, il faut associer à la performance la meilleure disponibilité possible


ENNOVIA a donc été créée afin de mettre à disposition des industriels de l’énergie, de l’oil&gas, du nucléaire et de la gestion des déchets, toutes les méthodes et outils actuellement disponibles pour améliorer la disponibilité de leurs installations industrielles et réduire leurs coûts d’exploitation.

Pour cela notre activité est regroupée en 3 pôles d’expertise :