QUICK’NDOC : EDMS simple as that !

Quick'nDoc, your EDMS ready to start in 4 weeks.

Quick’n Doc is a standard and flat-rate offer developed by ENNOVIA and initiated by our customers to propose to initialize an EDMS (electronic document management software) for implementing their technical documentation management quickly and at a competitive cost.

An offer powered by the Quickbrain document management.

This offer uses the new features of the documentary management of the Quickbrain solution (E – DMS module) and including the ability to identify tag (functional equipment code) inside documentation and automatically link document(s)  to related equipment(s). The Quickbrain Autolink feature allowing to reduce the costs of integration and classification of the technical documentation of an industrial unit

What’s Quick’nDoc ?

Quick’nDoc is a packaged offer proposing the integration of the technical documentation fort a whole plant, including a complete cloud based document management solution: Quickbrain.

How does it works ?

ENNOVIA teams recover:

  • Your documentation classification scheme (or standard ENNOVIA filling plan),
  • your documents,
  • a functional tree containing the tags of your equipment (CMMS extraction, engineering lists,…).

In less than 4 weeks we realize:

  • the registration of documents in Quickbrain, their classification in accordance with cliant classification plan,
  • the integration of the functional tree,
  • the links between the equipment  tags in documents and those present in the functionnal tree (Autolink).

We will deliver an EDM populated, with the ability to find documents by classification plan, metadata (title, reference,..) or the tag of the concerned equipment .

We deliver also:

  • the list of documents without any tags,the list of documents not containing layer text (untreated),
  • the tags list extracted by documents that are not present in the functional tree.

How much does it cost ?

The cost is fixed at €19,000 (excluding Quickbrain licence) for 1 to 20,000 processed documents.


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