Biomass power plant - Pierrelatte – France

Ennovia achieved a fully integrated service offering covering the requirements of the operation and maintenance of future Biomass Pierrelatte site.

The announced shutdown of the Eurodif uranium enrichment site at Tricastin was a problem: the Pierrelatte heating network was powered by Eurodif warm waters. Without this heating network, which represented 30 hectares of greenhouses representing more than 300 jobs, the following question was raised: What would become of the Crocodile Farm and 1,500 public houses in the Drôme are of France which were served by the current network?

The Coriance Group (a subsidiary of the energy A2A Milan Company) will build and operate a cogeneration plant at Pierrelatte on a 6 hectare site made available by the joint association of rural development of the Drôme region. As of September 2012 it was the Coriance group which took over responsibility.

The plant operates for more than 50% of the time with forest wood and the rest of the time with recuperated wood, requiring a total of 150,000 tons of feedstock per year. Conducted as part of the public service delegation scope until 2032, this specific unity will have a capacity of 12 megawatts (MW) of electricity and 30 MW of thermal energy. A natural gas boiler with a capacity of 70 MW thermal energy will complement the existing energy resources.

Our client, Leroux and Lotz, was entrusted by Areva ER (turnkey subcontractor chosen by Coriance) for the design, construction and commissioning of the furnace-boiler and installation of flue gas  treatment.

Leroux and Lotz provide Ennovia with a full mission to accomplish:

  • The plant maintenance manual,
  • The list of spare parts,
  • The manual for operating the installation,
  • The final documentation including Executed Folder Structures,
  • Preparation of commissioning (drafting procedures, establishment of planning, ….),
  • Implementation and supervision of cold and hot tests,
  • Supervision of erection,
  • Operation support

The Ennovia team used the QuickBrain software throughout the project for carrying out different tasks and in turn effectively prepare for full plant operations and also to accompany the teams throughout the operation of the site. The technical competence of the Ennovia team associated with the power of the QuickBrain software allowed a faultless start and at the same time respected the various schedules.


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