ENNOVIA supplied building yard IT infrastructure

In the frameorwk of the building of the waste incinerator in Torino (Italy), CNIM has entrested ENNOVIA to design the IT Work infrastrcuture on the building yard.

ENNOVIA was in charge to supply and manage the electronic document management system : Quickbrain By Crazylog

ENNOVIA has deployed his BrainMachine plateform, a semi-mobile solution built in a 21U compact rack cabiner with the following services :

Hosting of Quickbrain By Crazylog sofware allows to create and manage technical documentation on the project.

VoIP solution based on Asterisk with full PBX functionnality (direct call, call groups, forward, …) allowing for CNIM to have both french and italian number and a full téléphony solution with small costs.

BAckup server based on AMANDA Backup  solution with off-site data externalisation.

Firewall based on PfSense allow to manage access permission to resources and QoS for VoIP

Pre-installed Spare Server allows to recover any server in less than 1 hour.

The BrainMachine solution has successfully provide services until starting of the ERF.





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