BIOMASS POWER PLANT - Limoges – France

A full maintenance engineering project

As a subsidiary of Veolia Environment and EDF, Dalkia completed  the first central heat and electricity cogeneration from biomass allowed in France. This project was launched as part of the Ministry of Ecology in January 2009 through the Energy regulatory Commission (CRE3).

This equipment develops 25 MW power is located in the district of Val Aurence in the Limoges city area (Haute-Vienne France) .

This plant feeds a heating network which resulted in an extension and a low temperature shift. This network now serves approximately 12,000 houses and covers over 60% of the thermal energy needs of approximately 7000 wood heated houses. Heat production will reach 93 GWh / year and electricity production 40 GWh / year.

This solution  will reduce by 45,000 tons the CO2 emissions which  will consume 90,000 tons  of wood per year (76 500 tons of woodchips, 6000 tons of sawmill chips, 4000 tons of bark and 3500 tons of shredded tires from sorting centres). The supply takes place within less than 100 km around the plant.

Our client, Leroux and Lotz, was entrusted by Dalkia design, construction and commissioning of the furnace-boiler and installation of flue gas treatment.

Leroux and Lotz provided Ennovia with a full mission maintenance engineering performing:

The plant maintenance manual,
• The list of spare parts,
The plant operating manual,
The final documentation (Has built documentation)
• Preparation of commissioning (drafting procedures, establishment of planning, .)
• Implementation and supervision of cold and hot tests
• Supervision of industrial work,
Support to operation during the start-up.

The Ennovia teams used QuickBrain throughout the project for carrying out different tasks and thus effectively prepare the transition in plant operations. Tthe technical competence of the Ennovia team  associated with the power of the tool allowed a faultless start and respect the given schedules.

The QuickBrain commissioning module  was used successfully for the first time and is now integrated in all test engineering services provided by Ennovia.

All services were performed by the Ennovia team and in parallel observing the most stringent safety regulations.


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