Uranium chemistry - Tricastin - France

Maintenance engineering and operating instructions.

Operated by SET (Tricastin Enrichment Corporation), the Georges Besse II plant, which represents an investment of € 1 billion, has been designed for an annual production of 7.5 million SWU (Work Unit Separations) for the 2016 horizon with 450 employees, which will enable the plant to supply fuel for 70 reactors while consuming 50 times less electricity than Eurodif and without having to take water from the Rhone for cooling purposes.

Ennovia also intervened during the REC 2 workshop (workshop Reconditioning, of Sampling and Control) of the Site GB II. The mission was to write maintenance manuals and operating autoclaves provided by the ACPP company.

The manuals were written following the AREVA standards and in compliance with the Machinery Directive. They were made using the modular documentation features of the QuickBrain application.


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