Nuclear waste treatment - Cadarache - France

A complete delivery of maintenance and operating documentation for special machinery equipment.

The CADECOL project in Cadarache, involves the construction of a new operating unit for the “super” controls and expertise in nuclear waste packages. These assessments consist of destructive tests using cutting tools and / or coring on packages of frozen waste, or inventory operations on bulk waste packages.

They consists of two adjoining components:

  • An existing cell called “The TRI cell”,
  • The CADECOL cell consists of an equipped Cell Armored Waterproof (remote handling, ventilation, PADIRAC system, utilities and supplies …) and a hardware airlock input / output devices.

CADECOL is a complex special machine operating in extreme conditions and maximum level of quality was asked for documentation users by the end customer (CEA)

The services provided were user manuals (Functional and Physical Description, Troubleshooting and operator procedures) and maintenance manuals (Preventive Intervention, operation and repair service instructions for the following systems :

  • Trolley Shuttle,
  • Docking device,
  • Lift Table,
  • Tipper,
  • Transfer trolley,
  • Device failover,
  • Tool holders.


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