nuclear waste treatment - Marcoule - France

A complete preparation to operation maintenance engineering service.

The NUVIA process company  (eg Salvarem), which is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the UCDA (Packaging Waste Unit Alphament) on the CEA Marcoule site (France) was selected to operate the site for 5 years. This is a unit for reconditioned drums of radioactive waste from IECDA facilities and UP1 in 870L packages.
In order to prepare for the start of the operational phase, Ennovia led the ILS studies on the entire process by conducting the work in 3 main areas: refining the maintenance plan, reducing the number of spare parts and providing a CMMS tool.

To achieve this mission, Ennovia used the ILS module developed by Crazylog : QuickBrain. The latter then became the maintenance management tool in everyday use.

The “theoretical” studies have been validated by past experience due to the availability of UCDA statistics which were consistent with the objectives and parts inventory assisting in the repair of the equipment without loss of production for 3 years. The QuickBrain maintenance management module has been used successfully since 2012 on this installation.


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