municipal waste energy recovery facility- PARIS - France

ENNOVIA has implemented a fully digital and centralized maintenance engineering methodology in order to optimize the existing maintenance plan.

Since 2007, the Syctom Issy-Les-Moulineaux ERF treats waste produced by one million inhabitants. The ISSEANE ERF consists of a unit of incineration with energy recovery of municipal waste and a selective collection for material recycling sorting centre. Some figures about ISSEAN :

  • 2 incineration units wit a global capacity  of 61 tons of waste/hour
  • Steam production : 200 tons/hours at 50 bars and 400°C
  • 460 000 tons of not recyclable municipal waste are transformed to recoverable energy (thermal power and electricity).

ISSEANE is designed with a compact and vegetated architecture, this facility has the peculiarity to be buried at 2/3 (-31 m compared to the level of the groud). Thanks to its innovative structure, the SYCTOM has created its first Charter of environmental quality. This advanced equipment, located by the Seine represents a total investment of EUR 604 million tax-free. The greater Paris SYCTOM retained group TIRU, composed of the EDF (60%) group and SITA France (40%), a subsidiary of SUEZ Environnement, for the operation of ISSEANE over a period of 13 years.

TSI (TIRU & SITA) has decided to use ENNOVIA to prepare the Organization of the maintenance of the facility, as well as its CMMS (SAP PM) .

The ISSEANE ERF operated by the TIRU group had awarded ENNOVIA for a full mission consisting in :

  • development of the site functionnal treeview (15 000 assets),
  • analysis of the criticality of equipment installation (FMECA),
  • management of maintenance documentation,
  • site surveys,
  • maintenance plan and detailed service instructions for : rotating and static machines,  turbo generator group and auxiliaries, Instrumentation, valves, electrical (LV & HV), security: HVAC (smoke) and fire.
  • CMMS management:
    • Import of the location tree,
    • Import of assets,
    • Import and management of spare parts,
    • optimization of scheduled maintenance.

For the duration of the project team was composed of 4 people on average. Teams of ENNOVIA were able to use the Quickbrain software for the realization of the different tasks and thus effectively prepare the changeover operation of CMMS. Indeed, the technical competence of the ENNOVIA teams associated with the power of the tool allowed a faultless and respect for schedules.


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