Combined gas cycle - Fos-Sur-Mer - France

ENNOVIA accompanied by the site operator right from the engineering phase to facilitate the site maintenance & operation.

The CYCOFOS Combined Gas Cycle (CGC) was designed and built by Alstom power. Its power production capacity is 420 MW (electrical output) coming from an Alstom GT26 turbine. The plant commissioning started in 2008 for 2 years. The facility is located in the Arcelor mittal SOLLAC Fos-Sur-Mer steel manufacturing area.

The CYCOFOS combined gas cycle (CGC) uses a gas turbine and a conventional steam turbin. The energy efficiency is nearly 58%, and contributes to the reduction and emissions of greenhouse gases and CO2.

The ENNOVIA’s team have suported our customer since the first maintenance team member arrivals on site in early 2008.
Our customer, the company in charge of the piower plant operation, was preparing the maintenance team organization and the populating of its CMMS (Coswin 7i, then SAP PM later).
The Engie center (ex GDF-SUEZ) based in Fos-Sur-Mer provided Ennovia with a complete mission to accomplish:

  • Development of the site tree (15,000 items),
  • Management and integration of the maintenance documentation (Ennov5 and Documentum),
  • Site surveys,
  • Technical support for the preparation for the maintenance engineering of combined gas cycle :
    • CMMS administration,
    • Review of the facility,
    • Preparation of the outage and maintenance of the CGC,
    • Creating a list of spare parts.

The Ennovia team used the QuickBrain software throughout the project for carrying out different tasks and in turn effectively prepare for full plant operations and also to accompany the teams throughout the operation of the site. The technical competence of the Ennovia team associated with the power of the QuickBrain software allowed a faultless start and at the same time respected the various schedules.


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