Combined gas cycle - Martigues - France

Ennovia implemented a unique service engineering methodology in France for this type of plant.

The repowering of the EDF Ponteau (martigues) thermal power plant is to turn the oil center into two 465 MW combined cycles each operating with natural gas. This transformation is performed from a new assembly of a combustion turbine and a recovery boiler and reuse the turbine generator and the cold source of the current oil-fired units.

The Martigues site is particularly suitable for implementing this type of project which is dedicated for electricity production. This site possesses electric lines for the discharge of energy and a cooling source from high-quality sea water. The gas supplied via the gas transmission network will come from countries with which EDF spends long-term supply contracts.

The first combined cycle gas will be connected to the existing power grid. The second will be connected to the 400 kV substation which the electricity transmission network (RTE) plans to put into service in late 2012 in Ponteau, near Martigues. This is to meet the electricity requirements of the region, which is operated by fifty people. The center will go into production in 2012.

Our client, the EDF power plant operator must prepare the organization for the maintenance of the facility, and the CMMS intelligence of the Ventyx Asset Suite.

The EDF CPT center (central thermal production) in MARTIGUES chose Ennovia for a complete mission to accomplish:

  • Development of the site arborescence (15,000 facilities),
  • Analysis equipment criticality installation (FMEA Method),
  • Management of the maintenance documentation,
  • On site surveys,
  • Drafting of the local maintenance plan and maintenance ranges in the following areas :
    • Static and rotating machine,
    • Instrumentation,
    • Valves,
    • Electricity (LV & HV),
    • Security: HVAC (smoke) and Fire Fighting Circuit,
    • Combustion turbine (General Electric 9FB),
    • Loop Diagrams.
  • Technical support for the preparation for the maintenance of combined cycle gas:
    • Writing Specification for consultation outside companies in ordr tou outsource the maintenance,
    • Facility technical review,
    • Preparation of the outage and maintenance of the CGC,
    • Creation of a list of spare parts.

For the duration of the project the team was composed of four people on average. The Ennovia team used the QuickBrain software throughout the project for carrying out different tasks and thus effectively preparing the transition in plant operations. The Ennovia technical competence associated with the power of the tool allowed a faultless start to the project and respected the schedules.


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