municipal waste energy recovery facility- Staffordshire - UK

ENNOVIA has implemented a methodology for management and production of fully digital and centralized documentation.

VEOLIA UK has contracted with the consortion CNIM/CLUGSTON for a complete EPC contrat in Staffordshire (Four Ashes – UK). The plant is designed to treat 300,000 tons of municipal waste per year and to deliver 23 MW electric power to the national grid.

In order to meet the requirements of our client, CNIM, as well as possible, we have implemented a methodology for the management and production of documentation that is totally digital and centralized. ENNOVIA’s teams have therefore worked with Quickbrain software to create and carry out:

  • the final process documentation file.
  • the integration of the civil engineering file produced by our partner ITACADS.
  • the maintenance manual.
  • the spare parts list.
  • the management and follow-up of the tests to go live.
  • the management and follow-up of maintenance during the commissioning period.

A start-up engineer from ENNOVIA also participated in the commissioning and start-up of the installation.

In addition, the final civil engineering documentation (CLUGSTON) was integrated directly in the Quickbrain tool with the assistance of our partner, ITACADS, in order to supply a high-quality and homogenous deliverable.

The takeover of the facility is now over (2014) and our methodology has been recognized as pertinent and efficient by all the participants in the project. As a matter of fact, VEOLIA UK has now decided to manage its technical documentation with our tool Quickbrain according to our methodology and to deploy it through their other facilities.


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