ERF – Cardiff – Trident Park

municipal waste Energy Recovery facility- Cardiff - UK

Ennovia implemented methods, tools and resources to support our customers in the development of its service and maintenance documentation.

The UK has started its reconversion to move towards waste treatment. To reach this objective, the government has thus launched a construction campaign for waste management plants in order to progressively replace landfills like the one at VIRIDOR TRIDENT PARK, one of the leaders in recycling and energy recovery in the United Kingdom. In 2012, VIRIDOR entrusted the turnkey construction of its new energy from waste unit (EFW) in Cardiff to the CNIM/LAGAN consortium.

We have implemented methods, tools and resources in order to accompany our client in the evolution of its Maintenance and documentation service. In order to best meet the requirements of CNIM, we use our QUICKBRAIN. application.

ENNOVIA’s teams have therefore carried out the following tasks for CNIM:

  • 1/ Mission of technical assistance on our client’s premises.This mission allowed us to improve the quality of input data by 25% and time savings of 30% in comparison with other similar operations.
  • 2/ The final implementation file (O&MM) in digital format with a search engine allowing filters by Reference, Title, type of document, Equipment (KKS) or document supplier to be used.
  • 3/ The maintenance manual in consistency with the reality of the site and the last P&ID’s before being put into service.
  • 4/ The maintenance plan ready to be integrated into the final customer’s GMAO (Holistech), VIRIDOR.

The acceptance of the installation should take place in the coming months and our methodology has been recognized as pertinent and efficient by the final customer and future operator, VIRIDOR, as well as by their consulting firm, FICHTNER. This methodology should be reproduced on other similar installations in England.


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