Crude oil extraction - Kharyaga - Russia

An exceptional project

The Kharyaga project is an exceptional project, located in Western Siberia, 60 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, the deposit is completely isolated, with the first city Usinsk, located nearly 180 kms away.

The weather conditions are extreme with temperatures of up to -65 ° C in winter with very strong winds. The three-hour drive separating the site of Usinsk also complicates the site operation.

Strong technical constraints that accompany the operation of the Kharyaga field led the operators to develop devices suitable for paraffin oil maintained at 40 ° to prevent clogging, push insulation and heat tracing installations, oil and gas heating of injected water well drilling (up to 5 km offset), heated workspaces etc.

Despite strong logistical constraints and extreme operating conditions, oil production has seen no interruptions. Kharyaga has an average production of 30,000 barrels per day, equivalent to 1.7% of daily oil consumption in France.

A performed services in an international context and complex conditions

Ennovia was responsible for writing some of the site operating manuals in accordance with the methodology developed by TOTAL OPERGUIDE. Delivery was performed using the modular QucikBrain software documentation module.

A benefit of creating an arborescence (20000 tags) was also carried out for the commissioning team to prepare the initialization of the commissioning database ICAPS management software.


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