Long term nuclear waste storage – Bure – CIGEO

Nuclear waste storage - Bure - France

For several years now, ENNOVIA has been associated with the CIGEO venture by carrying out ILS studies for Technip-Ingerop general contracting.

As a reminder, CIGEO is a French project concerning a center for radioactive waste storage in deep geological substrates. It has been designed to stock high-activity, long-life radioactive waste produced by all of the French nuclear installations until their dismantlement and by the treatment of used fuel utilized in nuclear power plants.

This investment estimated at between €15 to 36 Bil. meant to operate for more than a century is composed by surface installations to receive and prepare the packages of waste, and underground structures located at some 500 meters deep in a layer of shale to store the packages of nuclear waste.

ENNOVIA has been involved in this project since early 2011 as an ILS expert company.

During the sketch phase, ENNOVIA carried out ILS studies on all of the processes and performed the work based on 3 principal axes: determining the different periods of life of the installation, pre-dimensioning maintenance personnel needs and assessing the associated maintenance costs.

Since the 3rd quarter of 2013, ENNOVIA has carried out the mission of supervising the ILS works (Integrate Logistics Support) for the General Contractors selected by Andra (Airbus Defence & Space (former Astrium), Cegelec, SNC-Lavalin, Tractebel…) and consolidating all of these works at the systems level.

To execute this mission ENNOVIA was supported by BASL (Analytical database for logistic support), developed by Crazylog: QUICKBRAIN. All of the project participants (multi-site, multi-company, multi-competence) are going to work directly in QUICKBRAIN in order to ensure the consistency of logistics data and thus simplify the consolidation of the studies and the multiple support indicators.


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