Ennovia successfully achieved complete delivery of Integrated Logistics Support for the largest French uranium enrichment site.

Georges Besse II replaces the Eurodif plant (Georges Besse I), which reached the end of life in 2013. The new unit, which will be fully operational in 2018 at a cost of 3 billion euros, will produce enriched uranium for the manufacture of fuel that will be used during the next thirty years, from second to third nuclear power plant generations.

The plant consists of two enrichment units (south and north) and will reach a total production of 7.5 million SWU (separate work units) per year. The two production units will implement the centrifuge enrichment technology. A technology which consumes less power and which requires less staff.

Our client CNIM designs and manufactures for the new Georges Besse 2 enrichment plant (GB II) a set of hot and cold stations for the enrichment process of combustible fuels. These complex welded assemblies also have automation and regulations and the large number of stations and the production life (5 years) involves configuration management constraints and strong obsolescence.

CNIM provided Ennovia with a full Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) mission for GB2 North consisting of :

  • The logistics tree,
  • Optimization of spare parts inventory (Poisson based method),
  • The drafting of maintenance detailed service instructions,
  • Analysis of Support (need for personnel, tools, training, ..),
  • The obsolescence management process design.

The Ennovia teams used the QuickBrain software throughout the project for carrying out different tasks and hence effectively preparing the transition in plant operations. This mission was extended to the creation of import files in the CMMS Client: SAP PM.


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