A vital tool for the distribution of natural gas in France.

Since 2007, GRTgaz has undertaken to modernize and renovate its compression means within its OSCAR (Optimized Compression Stations and Network Adaptation).

The works are part of the second phase of the GRTgaz compressor station modernization (OSCAR 2) and covers the turnkey construction of two compressor stations and natural gas interconnections located in the communes of Fontenay-Mauvoisin (Yvelines ), and Saint-Avit (Drôme).

The OSCAR 2 program is threefold:

  • Increasing the gas transport capacity to meet customer needs,
  • Responding to new environmental requirements, in particular by reducing emissions of CO2 and nitrogen oxides (NOx) levels,
  • Replace obsolete equipment.

The Fontenay-Mauvoisin and Saint-Avit stations will comprise of two 10 MW compressors driven by electric motors. These new generation station will help to reduce the greenhouse emission gases, especially CO2 and nitrogen oxides (NOx) levels.

A maintenance engineering project with strong regulatory constraints and availability.

Ennovia conducted on behalf of SNC-LAVALIN (EPC retained by GRTgaz) a complete service including maintenance engineering, the maintenance plan, spare parts list, the MAES studies (Maintainability Accessibility Environment and Safety) and the CMMS integration files (SAP PM).

The entire maintenance engineering study and associated technical data were managed with the QuickBrain software and the latter was used to monitor the warranty period of two sites on a cumulative period of four years with our support teams.


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