ERF – Clermont – VERNEA

Municipal Waste energy recovery unit, Vernéa - France

ENNOVIA has implemented the whole value chain which has allowed, in the end, the maintenance plan to be imported in the site’s IBM MAXIMO CMMS

ENNOVIA has executed the site’s entire maintenance engineering process for the new ERF in Clermont-Ferrand, VERNEA.

Over the course of six months, ENNOVIA has implemented the whole value chain which has allowed, in the end, the maintenance plan to be imported in the site’s IBM MAXIMO CMMS.To end with this success, 5 major steps were carried out:

  • Step 1: Asset registrer. In order to completely master the definition of the installation, ENNOVIA performed a complete inventory of the installation by using both the data present in the documentation and site reports. The result of this step was more than 3,000 tags identified and associated with material references for equipment, instruments, valves and accessories that are located on the installation.
  • Step 2: Supplier maintenance plan: this task consisted in collecting as much maintenance information as possible for each piece of equipment at the installation. The supplier documentation and ENNOVIA’s REX are the main sources of entry data for this work which resulted in a listing of maintenance tasks recommended by manufacturers.
  • Step 3: FMECA oriented maintenance. Facing operational constraints (limited maintenance personnel, time available for maintenance, and the need for availability of the installation…) it was necessary to make evident which pieces of equipment were critical for the installation in order to concentrate the preventive maintenance effort on this equipment. With assistance from VERNEA, ENNOVIA carried out failure mode analysis on 3,000 tags at the installation in order to identify those that had the greatest impact on availability, safety, assets and the environment.
  • Step 4: Optimization of the maintenance plan and spare parts. Thanks to the result of the FMECA study, ENNOVIA built several maintenance optimization scenarios (elimination of certain interventions, the increase in maintenance intervals, analysis of intervention time…) in order to recommend a maintenance plan that takes into account both the workload capacities of the maintenance team and the defined installation availability objectives, that then enabled various maintenance optimization paths to be recommended. Along with other benefits, this work has allowed the need for personnel dedicated to preventive maintenance to be divided by 3 as compared to supplier recommendations. In the same spirit, the procurement costs of spare parts was also divided by 3.
  • Step 5: Import in IBM maximo. Once the scenarios were selected and validated by VERNEA, ENNOVIA produced the import files allowing the optimized maintenance plan to be injected into the industrial site’s CMMS (IBM maximo).


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