IBM PMQ, predictive maintenance and quality

IBM PMQ is a solution for analyzing data using the possibilities of the big data to predict machine failures or quality problems at the level of the manufacturing process.

How to plan a failure machine in order to anticipate repair?

The implementation of the IBM PMQ solution includes four steps:

  • identify the failures you want to provide in time,
  • analyze the history of machines and their environment in order to detect correlations between defects and a number of parameters and measures coming from the machines and their environment,
  • create rules business from the parameters identified as having an influence on the failure. For example, the software will detect if the engine temperature is higher than 50 ° C and the pressure at the pump discharge is less than 2 bars then I have a 60% chance of having a failure of the pump within two weeks.
  • design predictive rules by using values collected in real time and render the results in the form of advanced dashboards.

ENNOVIA offers a support for the realization of feasibility studies  and POC (Proof Of Concept) for the implementation of the solution and the assessment of the expected benefits.

Once the concept is validated, our teams deal with the solution, its accommodation and its maintenance. IBM PMQ can also be coupled with IBM maximo to launch preventive maintenance actions before failure occurs.

IBM PMQ overview


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