QB4MX : Quickbrain for IBM maximo

QB4MX, fast and secure data transfer tool to IBM maximo

The problem Data collection is more than often tedious, time consuming and generates many errors for any Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software implementation project. The main reasons are:

  • The quantity of data to collect,
  • The quality of data,
  • The complexity of the data structure (complex joins) for importing into the EAM.

Generally data collection is managed with excel but this tool is neither a database nor a collaborative tool.

The solution

To save time and money, we have developed a connector between our engineering maintenance software, known as Quickbrain (edited by Crazylog) and IBM maximo called QB4MX.

It is usually more effective (25% – 40% faster) and more reliable to create content and upload it to IBM maximo with QB4MX instead of passing via the traditional import of Excel files.

Quickbrain allows the user to manage the technical arborescence, plans / maintenance schedules, spare parts lists and documentation in a flexible and rapid manner, without the constraints of a traditional EAM tool. Quickbrain allows collaborative work (web based solution) and to manage data assessment before transferring to the appropriate EAM solution. The global process is :

STEP 1 : Create and manage maintenance data into Quickbrain

QB4MX : Quickbrain for IBM Maximo

STEP 2 : Select from the Q4MX menu, the data to be sent to IBM maximo

QB4MX-Quickbrain for IBM maximo

STEP 3 : Export data to IBM maximo

QB4MX-Quickbrain for IBM maximo

STEP 4 : Selected data have been imported into IBM maximo

QB4MX-Quickbrain for IBM maximo

Common use of QB4MX are :

  • Accelerate the EAM time to production for a new plant,
  • Manage documentation with Quickbrain and access to them through IBM maximo,
  • Optimize maintenance data (Maintenance plan workload, spare parts quantity, ..) before populating the EAM solution,
  • Migrate data from an old version of IBM maximo to the latest one (V7.5 or V7.6).

Technical overview

The IBM maximo objects which can be managed by QB4MX are:

  • ITEMS (standard & rotary)
  • TOOLS,
  • PM,
  • SITES,

The QB4MX solution is a full cloud based service located on the IBM Softlayer datacenter. The IBM hosting infrastructure supplies an incomparable level of availability, reliability, security and performance (see appendix 1). The solution can of course be installed locally on the existing customer IT infrastructure. Requirements for a local hosting are:

  • 1 server (physical or virtual) with Debian Linux, 4 Go Ram, 100 GB HDD and Xeon dual core processor for Quickbrain
  • 1 dedicated or shared backup server (physical or virtual),
  • 1 router to create a VPN tunnel with our datacentre for maintenance.


The main benefits of the solution are:

  • Full web based integrated solution hosted in the cloud : easy and fast to deploy,
  • The collection and integration of data facilitated by the Quickbrain object structure and model utilization,
  • Opportunities for collaboration with the project team and the end customer through the design of a full web solution,
  • The Quickbrain ergonomic interface allows for “drag & drop” within the technical treeview, for example.
  • Integration of document management at all levels of the application with the ability to bind documents on all objects (ASSETS, ITEMS, …).
  • The opportunity to work on a site by site basis with the possibility to transfer data to IBM maximo which has been validated with the end customer.
  • No more complex programming, all the settings are accessible through user-friendly web based screens.

QB4MX quick overview


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