Spare parts optimization, a piece of cake ?

Did you know that you can reduce the amount of your stock inventory by 30-50% while maintaining the availability of your installation?

Indeed, over time, stored items accumulate and can represent considerable financial amounts that increase your assets costs and make your CFO feverish.

As a production unit manager, in charge of the performance of your facility, you rarely made arbitration to “throw” or not to buy a piece of spare on the pretext of “I would have to the case where”, and now your stock is massive, but do you have useful parts?
This should condition the methodology of spare parts optimization and by “useful items”, it should be understood :

  • Is this item can repair a critical equipment?
  • Is this item is part of an equipment that is still running on my site?
  • Is this item exists with a different item code in my stock (duplicate)?
  • Is this item was kept in good storage conditions and is operational?
  • Are the stored quantities are consistent with the failure rate, the time of supply and quantity installed on site?

The result of this questioning will bring you to reduce your inventory by deleting articles and by limiting the quantity stored for the same reference. Once this work is carried out, it must be supplemented by a study of criticality (or an update of existing study) in order to control the critical missing items.

The final stage of the work will be to update the corresponding information in your CMMS system.

ENNOVIA can support you throughout this process and the cost of delivery is usually offset by the realized gain.