UPtimizer, the condition based maintenance made easy

How to become the best ?

By using UPtimizer, our condition based maintenance solution built on best IBM and National Instruments available technologies, to make the maintenance driven by assets sensors data.

The problem

In today’s ever increasing competitive landscape, industrial companies worldwide are faced with a common problem: How to increase asset reliability and decrease their maintenance costs?
To address these problems & challenges, companies have three possibilities :

  • Reduce manpower to decrease costs, but not the downtime,
  • Do more preventative maintenance (increase costs and reduce downtime),
  • Predict failures before they occur (decrease costs and reduce downtime).

The solution

One way to predict failures is to implement a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) system combined with an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution such as UPtimizer.

UPtimizer is a smart asset management solution dedicated for the Energy, Nuclear, Waste Management and Oil&Gas sectors combining maximo from IBM and National Instruments InsightCMTM Enterprise.

UPtimizer allows you to build complex signal analysis in order to predict failure such as; vibration analysis, signal processing, meter management, and build compound alarms to generate work orders for maintenance operators via the EAM (IBM maximo).

The connection between maximo and NI InsightCMTM Enterprise is managed by Quickbrain and Qbox data storage modules and QB4MX (link to IBM maximo), developed by CrazyLog.

The Benefits

The main benefits of the solution are :

  • Full web based integrated solution hosted in the cloud : easy and fast to deploy,
  • Turnkey solution from the sensor to the EAM solution : no interface to manage,
  • All the signal treatment is managed by NI InsightCMTM Enterprise and not in the SCADA : high flexibility and low possible impact on production compared to SCADA programming,
  • The use of world renowned embedded technological instrumentation and global software solutions such as NI InsightCMTM Enterprise and IBM maximo,
  • No more complex programming, all the settings are accessible through user-friendly web based screens.

Condition based maintenance by Duke Energy (Video)

duke energy


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